INNOVA's 4400 Coil Tester - Allows safe/easy in store testing of customer COIL/DIS/EIM modules to determine if they are good or bad, reducing the amount of non-defective returns; customizable reports allow for potential up-sell of ignition related parts.

Benefits to Retailers / Counter Staff / Manufacturers

  • Increase customer service – sell the right part the first time – increasing credibility of store
  • Reduce the amount of non-defective returns, warranty/return costs & “parts” swapping
  • Up-sell ignition system & related category sales – reference to related parts needed on report
  • Verify returns with printed proof to the manufacturer
  • Provides comprehensive test of ignition module circuitry
  • Patented cables designed to prevent high voltage exposure;
  • PC Link™ Software – view, log, & print customer detailed reports for each module tested in your store.
  • Report benefits:
    1. Keep track of each tested & sold ignition module
    2. Monitor which technician is testing each ignition module
    3. Offers detailed information for each module tested
    4. Even if a module passes, test result printouts determine additional parts needed

Why COP/DIS/EIM Testers are important to retailers, because it saves them time and money by:

  • Selling the right part the first time – helping you attract new retail and commercial customers
  • Reducing the amount of unnecessary (non-defective) returns of ignition modules and coils which can cost upwards of $400 each
    • 8% of coils are returned and claimed as defective; costing $Millions annually. Of these returned coils, 80% are non-defective
  • Safety – testing ignition modules and coils can be difficult and unsafe for the DIYer, this tester provides counter staff with a simple user friendly and safe way to see if modules are good or bad for their customers and at the same time reducing returns.

Evolution of the Ignition System, DIS, and EIM Tester:

EIM Tester:

  • Developed in 1994 with 22 cables – conventional and igniter coverage
  • Collaboration with SMP & DANA / Echlin
  • Extensive vehicle testing

DIS Tester:

  • Developed in 2001 with 16 cables – this is the current tester on the market
  • Control of non-defective returns
  • Patented Ignition System Testing

Ignition System + COP Tester:

  • Tests: COP / Coil / DIS / EIM Modules
  • Primary winding; charging status; coil sparking; burning time / coil strength; current flow
  • Built in QR codes on all auto ID cables
  • Internet updateable expansion

Benefits to Retailers / Counter Staff / Manufacturers with the COP/DIS/EIM Tester

  • Reduce warranty / return costs + “parts” swapping
  • Help identify ignition problems and improve sales
  • Boost ignition system and related category sales
  • Identify up-sell opportunities – reference to other related parts needed on report
  • Increase customer service by selling the right part, the first time
  • Increase credibility of store personnel and services
  • Verify returns with printed proof to the manufacturer
  • Provides comprehensive test of ignition module circuitry
  • Patented cables designed to prevent high voltage exposure


DIS Ignition Module

Same proven installation methods will be used for Coil / COP testing

Conventional Ignition Modules

Domestic / European / Asian

What is tested under the COP Tester?




  • Software and test result printouts can be customized with store information
  • Keep track of each tested and sold ignition module
  • Monitor which technician is testing which ignition module
  • Control program functions and settings
  • Offers detailed information for each module tested
  • Internet upgradeable
  • PC Link™ Software – allows you to view, log, print and customer detailed reports for each module tested in your store.


Additional Report Benefits:

Even if a module passes, test result printouts offer a POWERFUL way to validate customer results, determine parts needed and up-sell (92% of respondents were able to sell another part when a module tested “Good”)

No, the COP Tester has specific cables that are unique to each module.

You can find our module maps on our module map page. Click Here and select COP to begin searching for your coil on plug module adapters.

This may indicate that an adapter is damaged, which can be caused by missing or bent pins. Make sure you check all connectors and cables. Please contact your Distribution Center for replacement parts.

MRP: 93-0367, Thermal Paper.

Yes, this tester does have reverse polarity protection.

No, DO NOT test damaged or cracked coils.

This USB port will allow you to check for any updates, and also upload the latest firmware into the COP tester.

We recommend testing no more than three consecutive coils. Please make sure you wait a couple minutes prior to testing more coils.

Yes, adapter cable MRP 13-0301.

No. If you see any damages to either the module or cable or are not secure, DO NOT perform the test. This can cause inaccurate readings, and/or possible injury.

No, currently we not have a universal setup for this tester.


Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and Install the software from the following link:
  2. Select Control Module Tester (Part#4400) click Search.
  3. Under Software Application click on PC Link Software to begin downloading and installing the software.
  4. Once the software is installed open the Coil and Control Module Tester software.
  5. Plug in USB cable from Coil tester onto the computer.
  6. Locate and right click on the Coil icon located in the task icons.
  7. Select Check for Updates and Install Updates (if available).

  • MRP Number: 13-0033

    • SMP IDs: UC12
    • Wells ID: C819
    • Napa: IC12
  • MRP Number: 13-0034

    • SMP IDs: FD487
    • Wells ID: C924
    • Napa: IC32
  • MRP Number: 13-0035

    • SMP IDs: FD497
    • Wells ID: C1341
    • Napa: IC379
  • MRP Number: 13-0036

    • SMP IDs: UF403
    • Wells ID: C1136
    • Napa: IC523
  • MRP Number: 13-0037

    • SMP IDs: UF391
    • Wells ID: C1492
    • Napa: IC511
  • MRP Number: 13-0038

    • SMP IDs: FD498
    • Wells ID: C1312
    • Napa: IC364
  • MRP Number: 13-0039

    • SMP IDs: FD480
    • Wells ID: C925
    • Napa: IC35
  • MRP Number: 13-0040

    • SMP IDs: UF305
    • Wells ID: C832
    • Napa: IC418
  • MRP Number: 13-0041

    • SMP IDs: UF296
    • Wells ID: C1263
    • Napa: IC399
  • MRP Number: 13-0042

    • SMP IDs: DR31
    • Wells ID: C834
    • Napa: IC19
  • MRP Number: 13-0043

    • SMP IDs: DR41
    • Wells ID: C852
    • Napa: IC34
  • MRP Number: 13-0044

    • SMP IDs: FD478
    • Wells ID: C839
    • Napa: IC24
  • MRP Number: 13-0045

    • SMP IDs: DR37
    • Wells ID: C846
    • Napa: IC29
  • MRP Number: 13-0046

    • SMP IDs: DR39
    • Wells ID: C849
    • Napa: IC39
  • MRP Number: 13-0047

    • SMP IDs: UF269
    • Wells ID: C1178
    • Napa: IC261
  • MRP Number: 13-0048

    • SMP IDs: UF156
    • Wells ID: C1041
    • Napa: IC223
  • MRP Number: 13-0049

    • SMP IDs: UF504
    • Wells ID: C1526
    • Napa: IC584
  • MRP Number: 13-0050

    • SMP IDs: FD503
    • Wells ID: C1417
    • Napa: IC369
  • MRP Number: 13-0051

    • SMP IDs: UF267
    • Wells ID: C1175
    • Napa: IC337
  • MRP Number: 13-0052

    • SMP IDs: UF180
    • Wells ID: C1132
    • Napa: IC308
  • MRP Number: 13-0053

    • SMP IDs: UF411
    • Wells ID: C1394
    • Napa: IC531
  • MRP Number: 13-0054

    • SMP IDs: UF262
    • Wells ID: C1251
    • Napa: IC413
  • MRP Number: 13-0055

    • SMP IDs: UF501
    • Wells ID: C1459
    • Napa: IC581
  • MRP Number: 13-0056

    • SMP IDs: UF285
    • Wells ID: C1226
    • Napa: IC396
  • MRP Number: 13-0057

    • SMP IDs: UF242
    • Wells ID: C1221
    • Napa: IC242
  • MRP Number: 13-0058

    • SMP IDs: UF89
    • Wells ID: C873
    • Napa: IC128
  • MRP Number: 13-0059

    • SMP IDs: DR49
    • Wells ID: C1098
    • Napa: IC58
  • MRP Number: 13-0060

    • SMP IDs: FD502
    • Wells ID: C1458
    • Napa: IC366
  • MRP Number: 13-0061

    • SMP IDs: UF198
    • Wells ID: C1176
    • Napa: IC410
  • MRP Number: 13-0062

    • SMP IDs: UF97
    • Wells ID: C932
    • Napa: IC41
  • MRP Number: 13-0063

    • SMP IDs: UF270
    • Wells ID: C1231
    • Napa: IC243
  • MRP Number: 13-0064

    • SMP IDs: UF502
    • Wells ID: C1522
    • Napa: IC582
  • MRP Number: 13-0065

    • SMP IDs: UF522
    • Wells ID: C1477
    • Napa: IC602
  • MRP Number: 13-0066

    • SMP IDs: UF283
    • Wells ID: C1146
    • Napa: IC211
  • MRP Number: 13-0067

    • SMP IDs: UF378
    • Wells ID: C1398
    • Napa: IC508
  • MRP Number: 13-0068

    • SMP IDs: UF349
    • Wells ID: C1406
    • Napa: IC479
  • MRP Number: 13-0069

    • SMP IDs: UF350
    • Wells ID: C1398
    • Napa: IC480
  • MRP Number: 13-0070

    • SMP IDs: UF375
    • Wells ID: C1508
    • Napa: IC505
  • MRP Number: 13-0071

    • SMP IDs: UF295
    • Wells ID: C1257
    • Napa: IC438
  • MRP Number: 13-0072

    • SMP IDs: UF407
    • Wells ID: C1340
    • Napa: IC527
  • MRP Number: 13-0073

    • SMP IDs: UF432
    • Wells ID: C1353
    • Napa: IC552
  • MRP Number: 13-0074

    • SMP IDs: UF303
    • Wells ID: C1395
    • Napa: IC414
  • MRP Number: 13-0075

    • SMP IDs: UF341
    • Wells ID: C1543
    • Napa: IC471
  • MRP Number: 13-0076

    • SMP IDs: UF499
    • Wells ID: C1258
    • Napa: IC579
There are no "Available Upgrades" available.